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Distribution agreement for TSTI Interface

Accident Prevention Plus Inc has entered into a distribution agreement with Jean Paul Daveau for the distribution rights of the newest APP product, TSTI Interface. Accident Prevention Plus designs, develops, and markets a line of onboard computer recording systems and fuel monitoring systems for commercial and fleet vehicles. These systems were designed to promote safe and efficient driving practices, provide security for unauthorized operational use of a vehicle, and automatically monitor and record vehicle operational data for accident prevention. Driver training and evaluation, maintenance purposes, and GPS capabilities are options.

The TSTI Interface supports the CAN (Controller Area Network) ISO 11898 protocol. Controller area networks were first developed for use in automobiles, and consist of a serial bus network of microcontrollers that connects devices, sensors, and actuators in a system or subsystem for real-time control applications. These applications can be equipped with an array of sensors, and the network then can monitor the systems.

The distribution agreement will be for the areas of France, Belgium, and Italy. Daveau will receive exclusive rights to these areas as long as the minimum per year of 55,000 units is met.

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