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Dock Safety Flag Averts Driveaway Accidents

DLM has introduced the patented Dock Safety Flag that visually signals a potentially departing truck driver when a dock leveler is in use at the rear of his trailer. DLM developed this safety flag to reduce driveaway accidents that occur when a truck departs while dock personnel are still working the trailer.

The Dock Safety Flag is activated by the dock leveler. When the dock leveler is in an operating position, a bright red flag is displayed at the driver's side of the leveler to indicate that personnel may be working the trailer. From the driving position in a tractor cab, the driver can see the flag in his rear-view mirror. When the dock leveler is in the stored position, a green flag is displayed.

The Dock Safety Flag is offered as a factory-installed option on all models of DLM edge-of-dock levelers. This flag also comes in a version that can be retrofitted to most edge-of-dock levelers of its manufacture. For more details, contact DLM, PO Box 37, 10912 Hwy 270, Malvern AR 72104.

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