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Dole, Costa Rica begin carbon-neutral

Standard Fruit de Costa Rica, Dole Food Co Inc's operating subsidiary in Costa Rica, and Fondo Nacional de Financiamento Forestal (FONAFIFO), the National Forestry Financing Fund, have signed a groundbreaking agreement. These entities have agreed to work together on a project aimed at establishing a carbon-neutral product supply chain for bananas and pineapples, from their production in Costa Rica to the markets in North America and Europe.

“Carbon neutral,” as applied to the banana and pineapple product supply chains, means that carbon dioxide emitted to produce, pack, transport, and distribute the fruit will be offset by mitigation practices that increase the capture of CO2 to achieve a neutral balance. These practices entail new, more efficient transportation methods, changes to agricultural processes to reduce CO2 emissions, and partnering with local farmers on preservation and reforestation programs.

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