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Drake reefer box allows unlimited sleeper size without reefer unit interference

Straight trucks with reefer boxes used to be limited to the sleeper size because of the need to put the reefer unit on the top front of the box. The only way to have a large condo sleeper and a reefer box was to split the reefer unit in two and hang the reefer engine under one side of the box. There are many negatives involved in having a reefer set up this way:

  • The heavy engine is hanging on one side of the truck, making the truck side heavy (approximately 1000 lb).

  • Extra cost of splitting the reefer unit in two and rerouting all the lines for the unit ($3,000 to $5,000 extra).

  • The reefer engine is now hanging less than a foot off the ground and is subject to snow, water, dirt, and road salt being thrown onto the engine in heavy amounts.

  • Walls of the reefer unit must be hollowed out in the front section to run the cooling lines and plumbing from the motor up to the condensor unit inside the box. This makes certain sections of the wall have much less insulation than is desired.

  • The engine is mounted on a tray that slides out from under the box to allow the engine to be worked on. After a season of salt snow and road dirt, the tray has a tendency to become stuck so it can't be pulled out and serviced.

The new Drake truck box design allows for unlimited sleeper size without interfering with the reefer unit's best placement, which is on the top of the box in front. It keeps the weight of the reefer unit centered on the truck, which creates a much more comfortable ride.

This design also creates a large storage area under the reefer unit, which can have doors on both sides and a door that leads to the reefer box cargo area. This storage unit can be used for storing pads, straps, load bars,and pallet jacks, or it can be used to bring recreational items on the road.

E-mail Eric Schubert at [email protected] or phone 734-564-3427.

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