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Drive-through screening becomes easier

American Science and Engineering Inc has launched its second-generation Z Portal, a high-throughput, drive-through cargo and vehicle screening system with multi-view Z Backscatter imaging to detect stowaways, explosives, and other contraband. Z Portal can produce images from three sides of the object under examination — for left, right, and top-down screening of cargo.

“Z Portal's use of AS&E's proprietary Z Backscatter technology allows for safe scanning of the entire vehicle so that the driver can remain in the cab,“ said Robert Postle, AS&E's vice-president of worldwide marketing and sales. “This significantly speeds up the screening process and facilitates the flow of traffic at checkpoints and border crossings.“

The system produces photo-like images, which offer material discrimination and highlight organic contraband. With its compact profile, the Z Portal system is suitable for high-traffic locations with space constraints and a high-throughput requirement. The Z Portal system is safe for drivers, operators, cargo, and the environment.

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