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DRS takes $36 million order from the Army

DRS Technologies Inc recently received a $36 million contract to produce refrigerated container systems (RCS) for transporting and storing perishable food and other items, including temperature-sensitive cargo products and medical supplies, for United States Army troops worldwide.

Initial funding of about $4.6 million was received by DRS from the US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) Acquisition Center, Soldier Systems Center, in Natick MA. For this award, DRS will produce and integrate an 8' × 8' × 20' insulated refrigerated container. An electrically driven 9,000-Btu refrigeration unit, 10-kw tactical quiet generator, and other ancillary equipment will be integrated into each RCS.

The RCS will be manufactured by the company's DRS Sustainment Systems units in Florence KY and Bridgeport CT. Product deliveries will begin in September and continue for about one year.

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