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DuraSeal fixes punctures as truck is moving

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has developed a commercial tire technology that repairs tire punctures when they occur, reducing vehicle downtime and service calls.

Goodyear's new DuraSeal technology features a built-in sealant that allows truck drivers to continue operating after a tire is punctured. The technology allows the tire to remain in service until it is retreaded.

DuraSeal tires last six times longer than conventional medium truck tires before removal for repair, according to Goodyear tests.

Steve McClellan, vice president of commercial tire systems for Goodyear, said the new technology uses a gel-like, solvent-free compound built into the inner liner of the tire. It is designed to consistently and instantly seal punctures up to ¼-inch in the tread area. DuraSeal also adds only about 5 to 7 pounds per tire, and it provides sealing efficiency from -40 degrees (F) to 100 degrees.

DuraSeal technology initially will be available in new Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires. Contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001 for further details.

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