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E coli concerns trigger lettuce recall

Foxy brand green leaf lettuce raised in California’s Salinas Valley has been recalled due to concerns about contamination with E coli. The lettuce was purchased the first week of October in grocery stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho. It was also purchased by distributors in those states.

The recall was ordered October 8 upon discovery that irrigation water may have been contaminated with E coli, according to Tom Nunes Jr, president of Salinas-based Nunes Co Inc. E coli has not been found on the lettuce itself, and the lettuce apparently has not made anyone sick, Nunes said.

"We're just reacting to a water test only. We know there's generic E coli on it, but we're not sure what that means," he said.

This recall comes on the heels of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removing its warning on fresh spinach grown in Salinas Valley.

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