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Eaton Vorad system an option for Peterbilt

Peterbilt is offering the Eaton Vorad collision warning system with optional SmartCruise feature for select heavy-duty truck models, Peterbilt Motors Co announced. The Eaton VORAD EVT-300 model is provided with the SmartCruise option for Peterbilt Models 379, 387, 378, and 357.

EVT-300 equips a vehicle with sensors at its front and sides.Sensors emit radar signals that detect vehicles in their transmitting range, including the truck's side blind spots.If sensors detect a potential hazard, such as the truck switching into a lane occupied by another vehicle, an on-dash display unit will produce visual and audio signals to warn the operator.

The optional SmartCruise feature integrates Vorad with a truck's cruise control.As Vorad monitors vehicles in the lane ahead of the truck, SmartCruise will accelerate and decelerate the truck to maintain a safe, pre-set following distance.

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