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ElecDraulic systems provide trailers advantages of automotive-type braking

BluDot Inc, in alliance with MasterBrake Systems Inc, has announced a technological breakthrough in actuation and control of hydraulic braking systems for vehicles.

The ElecDraulic I and ElecDraulic II braking systems provide a microprocessor-controlled system, integrated self-diagnostics, and hydraulic or disc brakes. They also offer optional load proportional braking and antilock braking.

BrakeSmart, a microprocessor-controlled system is designed to use the ElecDraulic braking systems' software capabilities. This electronic controller signals braking requirements from the tow vehicle while providing visual feedback to the driver via a fluorescent display in the tow vehicle.

Through continuous monitoring, BrakeSmart consistently matches tow vehicle and trailer braking requirements, along with the brake line fluid pressure, to provide smooth modulation. Sixteen gain settings adjust brake current further.

Inside the tow vehicle, the driver can monitor the BrakeSmart controller's operation via a display, which mounts to the tow vehicle's dash. The display provides continuous feedback on the breakaway battery condition, brake fluid levels, and level of brake adjustment. A system override permits manual application of the trailer brakes when desired. When the system is not in braking mode, the display provides the current time and date.

BluDot designed the ElecDraulic I and II braking systems to be mounted on new or existing trailers.

The ElecDraulic I system is available for 650-, 800-, 1,000-, 1,200-, and 1,600-psig systems. It can support single axles up to 3,500 pounds and triple axles up to 15,000 pounds. For higher-capacity applications, the ElecDraulic II has 5.60 cubic inches of fluid displacement. The ElecDraulic I and II can also be combined with the AirMaster air suspension system to match braking torque to trailer load.

For more information, contact BluDot, 4335 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend IN 46628.

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