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Electronic Pedal Control resists interference

MICO Inc has released its new Electronic Pedal Controls line designed for long life in harsh off-highway and on-highway applications. This control uses two non-contacting, hall-effect sensors to provide durability without the failure modes of potentiometers. Each sensor has independent circuits required for fail-safe systems. The electronic assembly is potted into the pedal base to minimize environmental effects, while making the unit tamperproof.

The Electronic Pedal Control is engineered for applications that require an electronic signal proportional to pedal travel. Typical applications include engine throttle pedals for engine speed control, and accelerator pedals to control the speed of machines with hydrostatic transmissions. The pedal is ergonomically designed to increases operator comfort and productivity.

Control options for the Electronic Pedal Control include PWM or analog output that meets SAE J1843 standards. Dual return springs provide redundancy required in FMVSS 124. Switches for idle validation signal and kick down signal are available. Three-bolt, floor-mount configuration is included for easy installation.

For additional information, contact MICO, 1911 Lee Blvd, North Mankato MN 56003.

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