Electronic seals fill supply chain security void

The supply chain between manufacturers and retailers forms a void where product-level RFID cannot be used. Unisto Electronic Seals bridges this gap by providing RFID at the transport level by tagging and securing the trailers. This enables the whole process from manufacture to sale of goods to be tracked at every stage — ensuring timely delivery, reducing pilfering, and most importantly, cutting costs. System installations have shown that the system pays for itself in less than a year.

The key to the Crypta GateTrak system is the company's patented reusable seals fitted to each vehicle. These generate a random seal number every time the seal is closed, which remains unchanged until the seal is opened again, enabling the secured status of the load to be remotely verified via the integral RF transponder.

Queuing times at dispatch are dramatically reduced as each vehicle is automatically interrogated by the system to determine the load, veracity of the seal, tractor ID, and driver ID — a process that takes a few seconds. This lessens congestion and unproductive queuing time for drivers and reduces the number of security staff required.

On arrival, load integrity may again be automatically checked via the RF link, verifying that the seal number is unchanged and the load has not been tampered with during transit. As goods are unloaded, their own RFID tags enable them to be individually tracked thereafter.

GateTrak includes a suite of software modules that enables systems to be created to exactly meet a customer's specific requirements and for them to be easily adapted to suit changing needs.

For further information, contact Unisto, Waterside Court, Albany Street, Newport, South Wales NP20 5NT; phone +44 (0)1633 859859; fax: +44 (0)1633 859755.

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