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Electronic Time Recorder for Use in the Field

Amano Cincinnati Inc has introduced its Model TCX-22 electronic time recorder. The main benefit of this product is its portability, making it suitable for use where accurate time stamp receipts are required in the field or in remote locations. The TCX-22 is also recommended for backup during temporary and sustained power failures, or where power may not be available even temporarily.

The sealed, rechargeable lead-acid 12-volt battery ensures that the recorder maintains normal operation for one week and/or 5,000 prints while in battery mode. The unit also operates from a properly grounded 120- or 240-volt outlet using its supplied AC adapter (unit will continue to recharge in this mode); moreover, the battery ensures continued operation even in the event of a power failure. An additional internal battery maintains time and date settings in case of an external power failure.

More information is available from Amano Cincinnati, 140 Harrison Ave, Roseland NJ 07068-1239.

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