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Elite enhances online logistics management

Elite International Transportation has implemented new features on its Online Access, a system that allows customers real-time Internet access to track and manage import and export shipment events. New features include a customizable graphical timeline that displays shipment events and current status at a glance, automated alerts that allow users to set up unique lists of notifications for shipment events, and an Export Dashboard with shipment summary graphs that drill down to shipment details based on various parameters.

  • Graphical shipping events timeline

    A graphical timeline depicting shipment events and current status appears at the top of the Order Status Track and Trace page. Customers select shipment or container events, such as Booking Requested, Vessel Sail, or Vessel Arrival, and events are tracked graphically in a timeline that depicts both estimated and actual dates, as well as current shipment status.

  • Automated alerts

    From within the Order Status mode, customers can set up personalized notification lists to receive alerts for any status update, including changes to estimated or actual dates for shipment events such as Cut-Off Date, Sailing Date, Arrival Date, or Cargo Release Date.

  • Export Dashboard

    Summary graphs display shipments by division, port, places of receipt, carrier, or move type. Customers can see freight price per pound, price per 20-foot equivalent unit (TEU), average weight per TEU, and other statistics about their shipments for a chosen period of time.

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