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EMA releases biodiesel test specification

The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) has released a test specification for biodiesel fuel to facilitate testing and evaluation of how blended biodiesel fuels perform in clean-burning diesel engines.

“Engine manufacturers recognize that federal and state policy makers are evaluating the potential energy and air quality benefits that may be associated with the expanded use of high-quality biodiesel fuel blends,” said Jed Mandel, EMA president. “However, before the nation moves to increase the biodiesel content of the diesel fuel supply, engine manufacturers and biodiesel producers must fully evaluate biodiesel fuels. The development of a test specification for a blended fuel with 20% biodiesel content is intended to jump-start the testing and evaluation process.”

The specification establishes technical requirements for blends of petroleum fuel and biodiesel fuel that can be used to assess effects of such fuels on engine performance, durability, and emissions. It defines a biodiesel blend fuel with the properties and characteristics that engine manufacturers believe are needed to ensure good engine performance.

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