Engineered Pallet Network sets course

The Engineered Pallet Network (EPN), a newly formed national consortium of manufacturers specializing in production of engineered wood pallets, has announced a joint marketing and technical partnership. The 15 member manufacturers have agreed to a year-long schedule of activities that includes advertising, publicity, and technical training.

EPN recently held a strategy meeting in Chicago IL in conjunction with the ProMat materials handling expo. APA — The Engineered Wood Association will serve as program administrator and provide market development assistance and product training. Among the new developments:

  • APA will provide Virginia Polytechnic Institute with performance characteristics of additional thicknesses of structural wood panels (3/8", 7/8", 31/32" and 1⅛") as well as the same according to species (or group classifications). These would then be added to the Pallet Design Software (PDS).

  • An ad campaign, launched in February at the ProMat show, will continue with targeted placements throughout the year. The ads reinforce engineered wood's benefits over plastic pallet: strength, long, repairable life, and lower cost.

  • A new web site,, links all participating companies and provides information on various pallet configurations including block and stringer class pallets with both plywood and OSB decks. The site also has a pallet value estimator, which compares costs of engineered pallets with the competition.

  • APA and EPN members will develop standard engineered pallet designs for target markets. PDS sample specifications will be developed and distributed for the exclusive use of member companies.

  • EPN members will be trained at a joint workshop on PDS panels exclusively. APA will make arrangements with VPI staff for the training to take place later in spring 2003.

  • APA will help the network develop and distribute a series of fact sheets on topics such as life-cycle analysis, pallet financing options, fire safety, and phytosanitary issues.

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