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Enhanced Tire Casing Design Acts As Barrier

The introduction of a new top belt made of monofilament polyamide in Goodyear's Enhanced Casing Design (ECD) truck tires acts as a barrier between the tire's tread rubber and high tensile steel belts, stopping moisture before it can reach the belts. The polyamide belt seals off the underlying steel belts so moisture can't reach them. This protective top belt is more resistant to cuts and sidewall punctures, thereby preventing the type of tire damage that can let moisture reach the belts.

For more details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

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Signal-Stat DiodeLite LED Lamps Seal Out Moisture Signal-Stat DiodeLite LED lamps from Federal-Mogul Corp include advanced diodes and circuit board designs, as well as practical, industry-standard connectors that are isolated from the lamps through 5" electrical leads. Baseless, epoxy-sealed lamps completely lock out moisture and other contaminants.

These signal lamps also are available with voltage regulators to manage the electrical loads delivered to lamp circuit boards. This feature allows DiodeLite lamps to continue to operate at power levels as low as 3 volts DC.

For full details, contact Federal-Mogul, PO Box 1966, Detroit MI 48235.

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Kidron Adds Liftgate Option Kidron Inc has introduced a new liftgate option designed to increase driver safety and delivery efficiency through side doors of Kidron Ultra trailers, even when a door is located over a tractor tire.

The new SDL-1000 side door liftgate was developed in conjunction with Waltco Truck Equipment Co, a designer and manufacturer of liftgates for trucks.

Able to lower cargo weighing up to 1,000 pounds efficiently, the SDL-1000 is ideal for curbside deliveries from trailers equipped with Kidron's ACMT compartmentalization system.

The SDL-1000 can be installed at side doors over tractor tires because the platform stores inside the reefer and swings out quickly for use, taking up minimal inside cargo space. Aluminum construction reduces weight and eliminates rust, assuring smooth operation at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 115 degrees F.

For complete details, contact Kidron, 13442 Emerson Rd, PO Box 17, Kidron OH 44636.

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