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EPA Awards Clean Air Grants to 10 Cities

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is awarding grants to 10 communities across the United States to implement programs that reduce truck idling and promote use of low-emissions vehicles. The cities include Sacramento CA, Denver CO, Baltimore MD, Manistee MI, and South Bronx NY.

These grants, the first to be awarded under the Clean Air Transportation Communities program, are aimed at reducing emissions from transportation sources and enhancing energy efficiency in the transportation sector. Besides reducing truck idling and promoting use of low-emission vehicles, the program will encourage ride sharing for commuters.

About $1.27 million will be awarded to 10 state, local, or tribal government agencies to address transportation, air quality, and climate change issues.

The grants range in size from $59,275 to $250,000 and will be used for various community programs that help reduce air emissions from vehicles and promote energy-efficiency.

Transportation contributes about one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions nation-wide and is one of the single largest contributors of air pollution in the nation, according to the EPA.

The grant recipients will work in partnership with organizations in the community to help ensure the success of the proposed projects. Partnering organizations include utilities, transit providers, car-sharing groups, private and not-for-profit organizations, manufacturers of vehicles using clean technologies, and real estate developers.

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