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EXPANDING CAPABILITIES: NovaTracker Maya can cut transmission costs

NovaTracker is introducing a more intelligent generation of customizable wireless and GPS hardware systems powered by proprietary technology that integrates easily with most vehicle tracking software and cuts transmission costs.

The Maya is a versatile and reliable in-vehicle GPS equipped, GSM-capable data hub that allows existing fleet management software systems to do far more, with less.

Leveraging the intelligent technology developed by NovaTracker as the proprietary platform for its wireless and GPS solutions, Maya becomes an in-vehicle network hub. This unit can provide a large range of data types such as location reporting, vehicle status, and a variety of event codes including geofence violation. It will transmit information the customer has specified with as many as 16 different variables.

The simplicity and compactness of the Maya provides for fast deployment using minimal space. It is equipped with two digital and one analog input channels. Options include Bluetooth and USB I/O.

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