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Express Garage system performs trailer air, electrical testing in matter of minutes

Square Wheel Inc has added the Express Garage trailer air and electrical systems tester to its product line. Express Garage combines a remote-controlled air brake testing system, Scanner light testing system, and an ABS circuit control switch in one unit. A complete trailer air and electrical test can be performed in minutes, including set-up.

Express Garage has a two-channel FM remote that operates trailer air brakes from the rear of the trailer. Besides the apply/release function, both air pressure and apply speed can be adjusted at any time. Apply and release pressures also can be tested for emergency relay valves, crack pressure, service relay valves, and leak-down testing.

Each Express Garage contains a built-in Scanner system, which operates signal and stop lights in sequence so all lighting functions are accurately tested in a single walkaround. The Scanner also finds bad grounds and identifies short circuits.

An ABS test switch automatically coordinates air and electrical actions for easy ABS testing.

Express Garage is housed in a custom-built, low-profile steel cabinet that fits under the nose of a trailer. Wheels and casters and a pull handle facilitate mobility around the shop. Air hoses and a light cord pull out of the cabinet and can reach connections up to 7'-3" from floor level, then drop back inside the unit. This unit is powered by an ordinary automotive battery and requires a shop air connection. A 6-amp battery maintainer is also built in, so Express Garage is always ready to use. The remote even has its own pocket for safe storage.

Contact Square Wheel, 80 Irish Mountain Rd, Temple PA 19560 for more information.

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