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Extol enables C R England’s expansion

C R England, provider of temperature-controlled trucking, brokerage, intermodal, and container service, has selected Extol business integration software to support its expansion.

Salt Lake City UT-based C R England chose the Extol Integrator because of its ability to automate much of the routine, day-to-day functioning of the company's EDI (electronic data interchange) initiative, which spans all four divisions of the firm. Now one full-time staff member of the IT department can spend just 30% of his time to support all EDI activities.

More than 100,000 EDI transactions are processed by C R England each month, as well as direct communications from trucks en route. Every truck is in constant contact with the shipping department via Qualcomm, a wireless communications system that integrates with Extol. This lets C R England provide customers with real-time shipping status reports.

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