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FasTrax FR doors deliver energy savings

Rite-Hite Doors Inc's FasTrax FR cooler/freezer door incorporates technology to deliver energy savings in cold storage applications. FasTrax FR combines the Thermal Air system and the company's R-4 InsulMax insulated curtain to achieve energy savings in the most demanding cooler and freezer applications. Technology minimizes the potential for frost build-up and the need to address unwanted frost with heat lamps.

FasTrax FR doors can be configured to match virtually any cold storage application. To do so, the doors combine a simple design with a host of industrial door advancements to deliver optimal uptime and superior performance.

The versatility of FasTrax FR allows users to choose only what is needed for their application. Basic components include a 2-hp motor, drive system, powdercoated aluminum side frame, and a totally automatic re-feed system, as well as safety features.

Among options is a diverse selection of upper track configurations, which provides the flexibility to match the door to the available opening.

E-mail Jon Schumacher at [email protected] for further details.

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