Firefighter technology becomes standard safety feature in all Frommelt dock seals

Rite-Hite Corp has announced that all Frommelt dock seals will be equipped with Firefighter heat-dissipating technology as a standard safety feature in head pads and head curtains.

Frommelt introduced Firefighter heat-dissipating technology in 2003 on its premium dock sealing systems and as an option on other dock seal and shelter models. However, a number of factors drove the need to make the technology more readily available, according to the firm's president, Paul Rowlett.

“Loading dock fires continue to be a problem,” Rowlett said. “In fact, we've seen the problem increase steadily since first introducing the Firefighter header.“

Frommelt's Firefighter technology prevents dock seals from burning due to the intense heat build-up that can occur when ordinary trailer marker lights are compressed into the seals. The technology combines a fire-retardant foam core covered by a fabric layer and three layers of reinforced foil material that dissipates heat across the entire head pad or curtain, keeping fabric and foam temperatures below the point at which burning can occur. The entire header is then covered with a layer of high-strength, friction-resistant Durathon fabric.

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