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FKI Logistex to outfit freezer warehouse

FKI Logistex has announced a $2.3 million deal with Preferred Freezer Services to outfit the company's new freezer warehouse in Newark NJ. The contract, which covers the implementation of a Condor aisle-changing crane system, will be the seventh between FKI Logistex and Preferred Freezer Services, a third-party logistics and freezer storage company specializing in seafood products.

Preferred Freezer Services has become a close partner with FKI Logistex, working together to add design features to the Condors. These include an onboard camera and monitor set that gives crane drivers a live rear view while driving in reverse.

The new Preferred Freezer Services facility will be the company's largest storage warehouse yet, with 201,200 square feet of floor space and a building height of 60 feet. Condors will be used for pallet storage and retrieval in a 51-ft-high racking system encompassing 26 aisles 300 feet long. Scheduled delivery date for the new crane system is September 2005, with a scheduled commissioning date of November 2005.

TAGS: Cold Storage
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