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FleetOnline can track whatever's moving

Teydo BV is offering its FleetOnline tracking system throughout North America. FleetOnline is built on Teydo's MobiSPOT location aggregation platform that retrieves location information from a multitude of different sources.

Through, clients can purchase Trimble's TrimTrac locator GPS units, choose a subscription level to FleetOnline's wireless network service, and quickly have their own full-service GPS to track any asset in North America online.

Here is how the FleetOnline process works:

  • The TrimTrac locator receives satellite signals from the United States government's GPS satellites and reports its status, position, speed, and direction over any of the four GSM mobile networks in North America (AT&T Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Microcell/Rogers).

  • FleetOnline's hosted system receives, processes, and stores the data. Based on the information in the message, the hosted system executes certain particular functions. FleetOnline's system is web-accessible 24/7 for users.

  • Users with FleetOnline accounts can securely access only their own information, which is displayed in a web browser on a map. Account sign-in and Verisign encryption help keep data proprietary and safe.

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