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Fleets can fully control reefers en route

Alanco Technologies Inc's StarTrak Systems subsidiary has begun commercially deploying the new ReeferTrak Scout RFID product line designed for localized food distribution fleets, including fast food, dairy, and grocery operations. Two Los Angeles-area food distributors have recently purchased and deployed the new ReeferTrak Scout units and base stations at their distribution centers.

ReeferTrak Scout is an RFID wireless communications system that gives users full two-way command and control capability of their refrigerated truck and trailer fleets when the units are within several miles of a base station-equipped distribution center. When the reefers are operating out of range of the distribution center, the Scout unit logs GPS, trip, and refrigeration unit performance data and automatically downloads the information to StarTrak’s central data center via the local base station upon return to the center. Customers use the data to immediately confirm temperature compliance of the shipment from origin to destination.

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