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FleetView 3 keeps an eye on reefer trailers

Terion, provider of trailer fleet management systems with more than 82,000 devices installed, has launched FleetView 3, its trailer management system specifically designed for refrigerated trailers.

FleetView 3 has been developed to perform in the harshest environments, exceeding SAE-J1455 and NEMA 4 independent standards. The system installs inside the refrigerated cabinet in most cases, allowing installation when the trailer is loaded. It supports full over-the-air system upgrades and enhancements.

This system uses the CDMA digital wireless network, intelligently switching from 1XRTT, SMS, and circuit-switched digital service with AMPS cellular capability.

FleetView 3 allows transportation companies to maximize efficiencies associated with trailer fleet operations by combining a high-bandwidth wireless path with intelligent messaging and sensor capabilities. Benefits include an increase in trailer utilization and a reduced trailer-to-tractor ratio. Information is provided to the operator over the Internet through Terion’s patented hardware and software design.

The design integrates GPS and digital CDMA cellular technology for coverage throughout the United States and Canada.

FleetView communicates real-time trailer location and event status when the trailer is tethered or untethered, including an accurate determination of loaded or unloaded status with FleetView’s Cargo Sensor. The system supports over-the-air software downloads for device settings and software upgrades.

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