FleetWatch helps simplify fleet management

Thermo King Corp's new FleetWatch software works seamlessly with the company's R:COM system, the wireless method of communication between a Smart Reefer, or a vehicle-mounted datalogger, and the home office.

When a vehicle enters the yard, R:COM automatically retrieves the operating and temperature data and adds it to the Wintrac log file on the base station PC. FleetWatch takes it one step further by preparing concise, customized reports.

FleetWatch can be personalized according to business needs. After installing this software, the user can customize a reporting system by looking over the menu of options, choosing the most useful ones, and prioritizing them. Information not currently offered on the menu can be added and set up for the customer by an authorized Thermo King dealer.

For complete details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

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