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Freight Guard keeps loads and users secure

Mackline LLC's new Freight Guard is meant to provide several basic functions when used in conjunction with standard shoring bars or shoring bars the company can supply:

  • Prevents a load from shifting due to vibration during transportation.

  • Sorts loads by destination or customer.

  • Provides security for a load if the user is not present during unloading. Mackline offers several security options on the “Products Page” of its web site.

  • Maximizes payload by safely stacking higher.

  • Keeps loads orderly.

  • Reduces unloading time.

  • Reduces damage to the product and reduces insurance claims, which over time can lower insurance rates for a carrier. The company is working with the Depratment of Transportation and insurance agencies to help lower insurance rates when Freight Guard is used as recommended.

Visit or phone 866-262-2679 for more information.

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