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Freight Stakeholders Coalition issues reauthorization platform

The Freight Stakeholders Coalition has released the its 2009 Surface Transportation Reauthorization Platform. The coalition has agreed to these principles for the upcoming surface transportation authorization legislation:
1. Mandate the development of a National Multimodal Freight Strategic Plan.
2. Provide dedicated funds for freight mobility/goods movement.
3. Authorize a state-administered freight transportation program.
4. If a new freight trust fund is created, it should be firewalled, with the funds fully spent on projects that facilitate freight transportation and not used for any other purpose.
5. Establish a multi-modal freight office within the Office of the Secretary.
6. Form a national freight industry advisory group pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act to provide industry input to USDOT, working in conjunction with the new multi-modal freight office.
7. Fund multi-state freight corridor planning organizations.
8. Build on the success of existing freight programs.
9. Expand freight planning expertise at the state and local levels.
10. Foster operational and environmental efficiencies in goods movement.

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