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Fuel filter permits interchangeable parts

Donaldson Co Inc has launched an improved medium-flow fuel filter with modular features. This filter is designed to be a cost-effective, bolt-on replacement for medium-flow filters.

The modular filter is a derivative product with a flexible design, allowing the filter to satisfy various cost needs and performance specifications. A single-base head assembly is used with the modular components, which include a water sensor, electrical heater, visual water bowl, manual priming pump, and life indicator (electronic or visual). The filter can feature a Donaldson Twist&Drain valve, interchangeable between the clear plastic bowl and the spin-on, to reduce maintenance costs. Mix-and-match components of this product allow customers to easily build individualized filters.

Modular fuel products are able to use different fuel media technologies. Depending on requirements, the filter can use traditional silicone-treated cellulose or synthetic media, featuring Synteq. One of Donaldson's newest filter media technologies, Synteq removes contaminants and emulsified water from the fuel stream with a multiple-layered media technology, protecting engine fuel pumps and injectors.

E-mail Janice Kovala at [email protected] for more information.

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