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Generation II addresses ABA longevity issues

Crewson Industries, a part of the MacLean Vehicle Systems group, focused on eliminating longevity issues facing automatic brake adjuster owners when the company designed its new Generation II automatic brake adjuster.

The major area of improvement on the Gen II enhances the life of the clutch, the key wear component in the brake adjuster. Every time a manual adjustment is made as a part of brake maintenance, additional wear occurs, impacting clutch life.

Crewson addressed this issue with a clutch release feature called Spin Guard that allows manual brake adjustment to occur without damaging the clutch. The adjusting shaft hex can turn freely in either direction when Spin Guard is used, which means no more hard half-turn backoffs to preset lining to drum clearance. Installers need only push in the clutch release button, back off the hex one-half turn, and release the button.

Corrosion resistance on the Gen II is improved with the use of Crewson's patented Cam-Guard feature, which protects the S-camshaft splines by guiding grease to the splines every time the ABA is greased.

Every Gen II is 100% sealed from both moisture and contaminants. The single-side-cover design also reduces corrosion issues with four backup sealing points. Crewson uses a multi-surface ring seal instead of an O-ring, and this also provides multiple-point sealing against the body. Each of these seals is designed for maximum protection in all operating environments.

In addition, the clutch release spindle and lift rod both use common boots for sealing; boots that are designed with six internal sealing rings for maximum protection.
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