Genesis power source for service trucks

American Eagle, in conjunction with Dynamic Power Source, has developed the American Eagle Genesis HPB-37, a new hydraulically driven power source for use in service trucks.

The Genesis is a hydraulically driven power system that has a 250-amp DC welder with 100% duty cycle, a 37-cfm-at-100-psi compressor, and a 10-KVA alternator with maximum output at 8.5-kw complete with a 230-volt three-phase 20-amp, 230-volt single-phase 20-amp, and two 110-volt 20-amp GFCI duplex receptacles. It operates with a dedicated pump from the truck power take-off. The unit is self-contained with a weather-resistant remote control panel. Total weight of the unit is about 1,050 pounds.

This unit measures 48" × 36" × 29", mounts in the bed of a service truck, and is powered by the truck engine. It is quiet when operating and takes up less space than three separate units. The remote control panel can be located in various places on the service truck, such as at the rear of the truck or inside a tool compartment. The Genesis control panel has hook-ups for welding, air tools, and electrical tools. It also eliminates the need to climb in and out of the load bed to control the unita. The Genesis can run multiple tools simultaneously.

For more information, contact American Eagle, 280 W 3rd St, PO Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

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