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Glaciervan Plus brings thermal efficiency

Kidron Inc has introduced new Glaciervan Plus refrigerated truck bodies, engineered to provide controlled temperature protection for refrigerated and frozen products.

Standard Glaciervan Plus designs integrate advantages and options requested by refrigerated distribution fleets using Class 5, 6, and 7 chassis. Standard lengths range from 9 to 26 feet; four standard heights range from 84" to 108"; standard widths are 96" or 102".

Glaciervan Plus bodies accommodate mechanical refrigeration, holdover plates, or the Hackney Vari Temp 2000 system, maintaining temperatures as low as -20° F.

Up to 4" of foamed-in-place non-CFC polyurethane insulation envelope cargo, and glassboard interior walls further enhance insulation. A selection of floor systems permits refrigerated air to move beneath cargo.

Kidron's patented Pressure Pillow Seal rear-swing and curbside doors seal in the cold and keep out ambient conditions. Rear doors can be supplemented with curtains to speed temperature recovery after frequent door openings. Glaciervan Plus bodies have strong understructures with 3" steel I-beam cross sills. Extruded aluminum floors feature a 6" scuff band that can be increased to 24". A stainless steel rear frame and various bumper configurations help provide rear-end protection.

For full details, contact Kidron, PO Box 17, Kidron OH 44636.

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