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Goodyear helps Sterling Bullet stay on target

Sterling Truck Corp's all-new Sterling Bullet will stay on the job — thanks to new Goodyear Unisteel commercial tires especially made for traction-challenged work sites. Sterling selected Goodyear tires in size 225/70R19.5 for the new model that complements the company's light-duty commercial truck offering.

Goodyear's new G622 RSD regional service drive tire meets the tough demands of urban pick-up and delivery work. An aggressive “blading scheme” and stiffened shoulders deliver improved traction and even wear, according to Rich Cottrell, Goodyear original-equipment account executive.

The Bullet also rides on the G647 RSS tire for severe regional service. A high scrub-resistant tread compound provides optimal service in tough pick-up and delivery applications where turning, braking, and backing are extreme.

Both tires are manufactured at Goodyear's facility in Topeka KS.

Access for more information on the Bullet. To learn more about Goodyear's commercial tire products and services, access

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