Grote Industries rounds out LED lamp line

Grote Industries introduces a full line of white SuperNova LED lamps that includes four dome lamps, single and dual system back-up lamps, two strobes, and a license lamp.

The four new dome lamps are: SuperNova LED surface-mount cab dome lamp (part #61621), SuperNova LED rectangular trailer dome lamp (part #61611), SuperNova LED 4"-diameter metal flange dome lamp (part #61141), and SuperNova LED 4" grommet-mount dome lamp (part #61581). These lamps will operate in temperatures as low as -40° F (-40° C). They're compatible with existing lighting systems and can be retrofitted in place of fluorescent or incandescent options.

The SuperNova LED single-system back-up lamp (part #62401) and dual-system back-up lamp (part #62391) not only outlast their incandescent counterparts, but they also use fewer LEDs than other models.

Grote offers a full line of LED strobe lamps, including two white LED strobes: the 4" round SuperNova LED strobe lamp (part #77351) and 60 Series SuperNova LED strobe lamp (part #77361). The LED strobes require no external power supply and last longer than standard gaseous discharge strobes.

The patent-pending SuperNova LED license lamp (part #60381) is designed to allow water and dirt to pass behind and over the fixture without collecting and causing corrosion. Instead of lens optics, the light is directed by complex active reflectors inside the lamp. The lamp's low-profile design helps prevent damage from collisions with loading docks.

For complete details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

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