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Guide helps users respond to bioterrorism

J J Keller & Associates Inc, in a joint effort with Maximum Compliance Technologies Inc, has published Bioterrorism: Biological and Chemical Agents Emergency Response Guide.

Created for use by medical personnel, incident commanders, and emergency response agencies, this 175-page guide provides details on known chemical and biological agents. It covers exposure, treatment, prevention, protection, and decontamination.

The guide provides information on known biological agents including smallpox, anthrax, and bubonic plague. It also contains information on chemical agents, biohazardous agents, and chemical toxins, as well as commercially developed chemicals identified as “potential threats” by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, the guide addresses decontamination procedures and law-enforcement response to a chemical/biological terrorist incident.

Bioterrorism: Biological and Chemical Agents Emergency Response Guide is available for $29.95 by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 1506 when ordering.

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