HeatShield panels avert dock seal damage

Frommelt Products Corp's HeatShield protector panel prevents dock seal burn damage from the heat of swing-out dock lights. HeatShield panels create a barrier between the dock light and dock seal, keeping surface temperatures of the dock seal well below the level at which burn damage can occur.

Swing-out dock lights, used to light trailer interiors during loading or unloading, can generate intense heat that can cause scorching and burning if they are left close to or in contact with unprotected dock seal or shelter side pads. Even dock lights with protective covers can have bulbs with temperatures that reach dangerously high levels. HeatShield panels provide protection by using a multi-layer matrix of insulating and heat transferring materials that keep dock seal component temperatures to a low, safe level.

HeatShield Protector Panels have a rugged outer cover of high-temperature-resistant fabric that guards the panel against scuffs and scrapes. Pliable internal components allow the panel to bend and be flattened as needed. Panels mount directly on the dock seal or shelter they are protecting, for quick attachment and easy removal, and they come in various sizes.

For complete information, contact Frommelt, PO Box 23043, Milwaukee WI 53223-0043.

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