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Henningsen Opens Facility In North Dakota

Hillsboro OR-based Henningsen Cold Storage Co has opened its newest cold-storage facility in Grand Forks ND. Henningsen is partnering with J R Simplot Co to provide dedicated production warehousing and distribution space to support the needs of Simplot's Grand Forks frozen potato processing operation.

The 4 million-cu-ft facility offers 20,000 racked pallet positions. This facility has been designed with a rapid truck unloading system, enclosed truck and rail docks, and a refrigeration system. Included are nine truck doors, five railcar spots, and a siding for another five railcars. Rail service is provided by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF).

The operation also will employ bar-code scans to track each pallet from point of production to point of shipment.

While a significant portion of the operation will be dedicated to Simplot's needs, Henningsen also will market the location to other regional, national, and international companies requiring refrigerated logistics services. The facility is located on Interstate 29.

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