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With HOBO onboard, data logging's a snap

Onset Computer Corp has introduced the HOBO Pendant Logger, a miniature data logger for monitoring temperatures during transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

Designed for environments from refrigerated trucks to ocean cargo containers, the waterproof HOBO offers improved performance over previous data loggers by providing 0.5 degree C accuracy and up to 52,000 readings. The logger records temperatures around the clock, and provides high and low LED alarms for both shipping and storage applications. For shipping, the alarms offer “on-the-dock” visual verification that temperatures have not exceeded user-defined limits. In storage, the alarms can provide instant visual notification when temperatures go out of range.

For plotting and analyzing temperature data, Onset offers HOBOware 2.0 for Windows. HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical user interface, and enables shippers and receivers to print out graphs to view and document temperature conditions.

The HOBO offloads data to a PC via an optical USB interface, which enables high-speed data offload (8K in six seconds). For more details, visit

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