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Honeywell Revokes Plan to Sell Businesses

Based on its recent agreement to merge with the General Electric Co (GE), Honeywell International Inc has withdrawn a plan to sell four of its businesses - including its friction materials and automotive businesses - to Questor Partners Fund II LP.

Questor and Honeywell had reached principle agreement Sept 6, 2000. Brand names involved included Bendix, JURID, and RoadTuff; the products are used in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks; trailers; passenger cars; and other transportation applications.

GE agreed in October to buy Honeywell for about $53.3 billion in stock and assumed debt.

KLLM Wins Wal-Mart Carrier of Year KLLM Transport Services has received the Wal-Mart 1999 Grocery Carrier of the Year award for outstanding performance and growth. The Jackson MS-based carrier has been transporting temperature-controlled loads for Wal-Mart since July 1999.

KLLM transports produce and grocery products from growers and producers to Wal-Mart's Supercenter distribution centers. Quantifiable criteria for this award are revenue, on-time percentage, lead time, and pricing. Intangible criteria include ease of doing business, incremental capacity, communication, flexibility, customer service, and follow-up/error correction.

Matson Navigation Raising Marine Fuel Surcharge As a result of continued increases in fuel costs, Matson Navigation Co is raising its fuel surcharge by 1% in its Hawaii and Guam services, effective Oct 15, 2000. This will bring the total fuel surcharge to 4.25%. The fuel surcharge was filed with the Surface Transportation Board in September 2000.

Matson first implemented a 1.75% fuel surcharge Oct 11, 1999. The surcharge was raised to 2.25% on Feb 20, 2000, and increased to 3.25% on April 2, 2000.

Grojean Drivers Get Free Internet Access PNV Inc has announced that Grojean Transportation Inc will provide free PNV Internet access and in-cab telephone access services to all drivers and will subsidize its drivers' subscriptions of entertainment services.

Grojean dispatchers also can reach drivers through PNV's Fleet Connect telephony service. Fleet Connect includes discounted long-distance telecom services for drivers and emergency 911 access from their cab. The Internet access service features e-mail, same-number local calls from all locations, and up to 56-kbps connections. Business-oriented services available from include trip scheduling, weather conditions, safety resources, and free e-mail.

Drivers in Grojean's 1,200-truck fleet can reduce long-distance telecom charges to affiliated drivers by avoiding pay phone surcharges. Fleets can send free broadcast voicemail messages to individual drivers or groups and access PNV's new Fleet Administration Support Tool (FAST) driver locator service. FAST will enable Grojean to monitor and update drivers' accounts, see if drivers are connected to the PNV network, and contact drivers in truck cabs for load assignments.

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