Horton expands PolarExtreme line of kits

Horton Inc has expanded its line of PolarExtreme repair kits to include the PolarExtreme Super Kit. This kit is used to repair and upgrade the Horton HT/S Advantage air-engaged fan drive for performance in extreme conditions.

The PolarExtreme Super Kit includes a new piston friction disc with fin design for better heat dissipation, hub assembly, sheave bearings, and friction facing. The Super Kit also includes all components of the PolarExtreme seal kit. These components include D- and O-rings made from a hydrogenated buna nitrile rubber (HBNR), cartridge assembly, face seal assembly, System Sentry, umbrella check valve, spline lubricant brush, socket head screws, and instructions.

For full details, contact Horton, 1170 15th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414.

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