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Horton Kits Help Repair, Upgrade Fan Drives

Horton Inc offers options for repair and upgrade of its fan drives. Consisting of Horton parts, the firm's Advantage Reman fan drive, seal kit, Major Kit, and Super Kit offer a dust seal, patented System Sentry fuse, friction liner, and hub bearing.

Super Kit upgrades all worn fan drive parts. It contains: a PFD, hub or splined hub, nut-on-journal shaft, spacer, face seal, air cartridge, retaining ring, O-rings, O-ring lube, umbrella valve, facing screws, air chamber bolts, anti-seize brush, and sheave bearings. This kit requires a one-hour rebuild time.

Major Kit upgrades most worn fan drive parts, excluding the metal piston disk assembly. The seal kit eliminates air leaks in fan drives by replacing the O-rings and face seal.

For more information, contact Horton, 1170 15th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414.

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