Hose clamps get a grip in varied applications

Del City carries standard, stainless steel, shielded, fuel injection, and locking hose clamps for various wire management applications. Standard hose clamps, with a stainless steel band, are suitable for most multipurpose clamping applications and come in 17 different diameter ranges.

For marine and other corrosive environments, stainless steel hose clamps provide a band, housing, and screw of stainless steel. Shielded hose clamps are designed for use on soft hose materials such as silicone. This clamp has an inner stainless steel band that prevents material from protruding through the slots of the outer band and is double-welded to prevent separation.

The combination of aluminum and zinc coating on fuel injection hose clamps makes them highly resistant to corrosion. These small clamps have a non-perforated band and a zinc-plated carbon screw and nut. Locking hose clamps can be closed by hand and have a temperature range of 40° to 185° F.

For complete details, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

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