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Hot-water pressure washers in two versions

Landa Water Cleaning Systems has a new line of hot water pressure washers with a vertical burner design and cleaning power of up to 5 gpm in flow rate and 2000 psi in pressure. The electric-powered VHWS (Vertical Hot Water Super-Size) line has two basic models with three electrical configurations for each. There are 230-volt single-phase, 230-volt three-phase, and 460-volt three-phase versions of the VHWS4-2000 and VHWS5-2000.

The VHWS4-2000 is driven by a 6-horsepower motor and delivers 4.2 gpm and 2,000 psi, while the beefier VHWS5-2000 is driven by a 7.5-hp motor and produces 5 gpm and 2,000 psi. These washers include:

  • Quick-coil access for removal of the coil without having to remove the burner assembly

  • Triplex, oil bath, belt-drive General pump

  • Trigger gun with variable-pressure wand for remote operation of spray and low-pressure application of soap

  • Tubed pneumatic tires for maneuvering in all terrain

  • Easy-to-access control panel

  • Slotted panel for monitoring the fuel level

  • 50 feet of wire-braid hose rated for up to 3,000 psi

  • Operating instructions in English, French, and Spanish

  • Ground-fault interrupters on single-phase models

For more information, contact Landa, 4275 NW Pacific Rim Blvd, Camas WA 98607.

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