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HydraStar responds quicker, controls better

The new Gen 5 HydraStar electric/hydraulic trailer brake actuator from Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction offers more control and faster stopping power.

In stopping-distance testing, a Ford F-450 and trailer equipped with the new Gen 5 actuator product with a combined gross weight of 23,800 pounds, traveling at 40 mph, came to a complete stop in 305 feet using only the trailer brakes. This represents a 107-foot improvement over the Gen 4 HydraStar product.

The trailer-mounted Gen 5 HydraStar actuator ensures safe, smooth, controlled stops under various driving conditions. The HydraStar actuator can eliminate the feel of being “pushed” by the trailer, as well as problems associated with backing a trailer uphill. The brake drag common to surge brakes on downhill grades is also eliminated. Trailers equipped with surge actuators can be upgraded to HydraStar actuators.

The HydraStar line offers three maximum pressure-rated units (1,000, 1,200, and 1,600 psi) to match trailer axle and brake configurations and prevent seal damage from overpressurizing trailer brakes. Installation and wiring have been simplified, and a bleeder fitting has been added to facilitate brake bleeding. This sealed, weathertight unit meets all DOT regulations, and with the optional breakaway/battery kit it complies with the CFR-393 federal braking requirements.

The Gen 5 HydraStar requires an electric in-cab controller that must be ordered separately. For optimum performance, Carlisle offers its Model HSC controller. This in-cab controller allows the driver to adjust trailer brake pressure from the driver's seat. The updated actuator design has eliminated the need for an accessory switch — requiring power only when brakes are applied.

For further information, contact Carlisle, 1031 E Hillside Dr, Bloomington IN 47401.

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