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Hydraulic braking package includes HPB, Quadraulic

ArvinMeritor Inc and Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems are offering their new Premium Hydraulic Braking System for medium-duty truck and bus applications. The package includes Meritor WABCO's Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) — the next generation of its hydraulic actuation and anti-lock braking system (ABS) — and the Meritor Quadraulic hydraulic disc brake.

The HPB is a braking and vehicle control system for vehicles in Classes 4-7 and buses equipped with hydraulic brakes. This system provides three functions:

  • Does not require the use of an external source to provide power assist to achieve a low pedal effort.

  • Brake control functions, including ABS, automatic traction control (ATC), and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

  • Optional auto-apply electronic parking brake control.

With a fixed-caliper opposed four-piston brake, the Quadraulic disc brake is designed to package within 19.5 × 6.75 inch and 22.5 inch wheel sizes. It is available in two piston sizes: 4 × 64 mm and 4 × 70 mm.

Quadraulic provides several performance and maintenance benefits as a result of its design. The fixed caliper eliminates a main concern often associated with rail slider or pin slider designs: external environment factors.

The enhanced robustness of this brake is complemented by simplified maintenance. When lining changes are required, only the lining retention bolt needs to be removed. An absence of caliper swing due to the fixed caliper design lets the brake hose remain untouched during the lining replacement process Brake caliper sizes can be interchanged by using the same torque plates and rotors, reducing aftermarket parts requirements. Reducing inventory requirements even further, the two caliper sizes provided with this brake (4 × 64 mm and 4 × 70 mm), use common brake pads (no unique inner/outer or directional pads), torque plates, hubs/rotors, and fasteners to attach the caliper to torque plate and rotor to hub.

For more details, contact ArvinMeritor, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084-7186.

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