Instilling a reduction in supply chain costs

Instill Corp announced that Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), owned by 22,000-plus Subway franchisees in the United States and Canada, has reduced supply chain costs by more than $1 million by using Instill's Quality & Compliance Management system.

“With our previous homegrown spreadsheet-based process, we could only manage responses to product complaints,” said Rick Buttner, director of quality and purchasing at IPC. “Using Instill's Quality & Compliance Management solution we now get accurate actionable information that allows us to solve problems more quickly. This has translated into a 17.6% reduction in complaints, even though we've added hundreds of new stores.”

Franchisee satisfaction has increased, too. According to George Labelle, chief information officer of IPC, “Complaint response times are 43% faster than our goal, and product credits are being issued approximately six times faster than our previous solution.”

Instill Quality & Compliance Management is a web-based, end-to-end system that enables foodservice companies to capture, route, correct, prevent, and analyze systemwide issues between their organization and their trading partners.

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