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Interactive CD aids Tiremaax maintenance

To assist service technicians in maintaining Tiremaax automatic tire inflation systems, Hendrickson has published Tiremaax Troubleshooting, a free interactive CD.

Available from Hendrickson Trailer Suspension System sales and service managers, the CD (L942) serves as a visual tool to further illustrate the troubleshooting techniques described in various technical publications. The entire CD is also available on the Hendrickson web site, in Flash format.

The video and animated segments on the CD walk viewers step-by-step through the process of locating and identifying air-loss problems for a trailer in conjunction with the Tiremaax blink code system to identify faults. The user simply clicks on the link or links representing the blink code from their system or problem they are experiencing.

For a free interactive Tiremaax troubleshooting CD, e-mail Ralph Norton at [email protected].

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