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International Adds Pep to V-8 Engine Line

International Engine Corp has enhanced its line of V-8 T 444E diesel engines, adding turbochargers with wastegating provisions for better launch characteristics.

T 444E engines are now available with wastegated turbochargers for all its ratings, including new ratings of 195 and 215 horsepower (50-state engines) and a 210-hp rating for low-emission vehicles (LEV). Clutch engagement torque has been increased by 20 ft-lb - or 6% - to 350 ft-lb of torque. All the engines meet federal emissions standards. Enhanced ratings include:

- 175-hp - Provides 460 ft-lb of torque. Available as a 50-state rating or a 49-state LEV/CFFV rating.

- 195-hp - Available as a 50- or 49-state LEV/CFFV engine for the International 3800 school bus model and 4700 medium-duty truck model. Provides 520 ft-lb of torque - 7% more torque than the 190-hp rating it replaces.

- 210-hp - Available as 49-state LEV/CFFV engine model for the International 3800 and 4700 models. Available with the engine warm-up device. Provides 540 ft-lb of torque.

- 215-hp - Available as a 50-state engine. Provides 560 ft-lb of torque - 8% more torque than the 210-hp engine it replaces.

- 230-hp - Available with engine warm-up device. Provides 620 ft-lb of torque.

Three International T 444E LEV engines rated at 175, 195, and 210 horsepower are now available for use in the International 1652 stripped-chassis, 3400, 3800, 4700 4x2, 4700 LP, and 4700 LPX models. LEV engines have a 49-state rating and are not available for California.

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